What happens if my pc crashes and I need to access encrypted files from my cloud


Currently I’m storing my vault in a cloud service. Let’s say hypothetically my pc breaks without warning. I then get a new pc and sync my cloud. If I do a fresh install of cryptomator would it be able to open my encrypted files / access my vault?

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Short answer : Yes

As long as your vault is fully synced to the cloud, you should be able to connect to it with any PC with the same or newer version of Cryptomator.
This is done by Adding an existing vault, and selecting the Masterkey.cryptomator file in your cloud storage
Obviously you will have to enter the passwords from the new device, so make sure you keep backups of your Cryptomator and cloud passwords

thank you so much :slight_smile: so are my passwords stored in the masterkey.cryptomater file or something? cos my passwords aren’t stored on any cryptomator cloud right? ie: on a new pc that masterkey file will check if the password i enter is correct?

Yes, the vault is unlocked with the combination of the vault masterkey file and your vault password.
No, there is nothing like a “cryptomator” cloud or any mechanism that transfer data anywhere (there’s an update check for newer versions if you havent disabled it, but that’s it). If you tell cryptomator to store your password, it is stored locally in your keychain.
More about passwords: https://docs.cryptomator.org/en/latest/desktop/password-and-recovery-key/


Additional info about this ominous masterkey.cryptomator:

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thanks this answers all my questions :slight_smile: