What HAPPENED to the cryptomator masterkey? How to access files

Okay, so what do I do? I know there should be a Masterkey.Cryptomator. It’s why it says “Cryptomator could not find a vault at this path.” No I don’t have a recovery key because I did not lose my password. It didn’t say anything about this situaltion… I selected “No I will not lose my password” and I haven’t!!!
What happens if i dont click LOCK before turning my computer off or something?

Besides the d folder there should be a Masterkey.Cryptomator file.
It is created during vault creation and stored in the root of your vault folder where also the d folder is stored.
It it is not there then you can recreate it with your recovery key you (hopefully) have noted down during vault creation.

Read here how this is done: Recover masterkey file with recovery key? - #4 by tobihagemann

You can also check you recycle bin for the Masterkey file. Some process obviously has deleted it if it’s not there.

Then you moved the files into the vault instead of copying them. Then of course the source is not available anymore

after i made a vault there is no cryptomator masterkey. I searched my entire computer index and what not. It does not exist. Now what? i read the FAQ and documentation, it doesnt say anything about this

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Nothing. Your vault will be forced closed if you turn off your computer with vaults open.
Please keep in mind that processes that are using files in the vault will be interrupted (like it is with any running process during shutdown)

If you do not have a Masterkey file, and do not have a recovery key, and do not have a backup of the files you moved into the vault, then I’m afraid you lost your data.
The Masterkey file was created for sure, otherwise you would not have been able to open your vault and place anything into it. So please search for the Masterkey file in the recycle bin, or if you already have synced it to an online storage, maybe it’s there or in the online recycle bin.

I have an encrypted folder called " d " and my password.Is it possible to have cut and pasted the Masterkey file into the vault?