WebDAV URLs of Common Cloud Storage Services

IDrive don’t have anymore webdav support. This is their answer to my enquiry …

we currently do no have webdav available on any IDrive plan. It was available only for Idrive sync which is now discontinued.

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Thank you for the hint. Have removed the entry from the list accordingly.

Magentacloud moved to a nextcloud based solution in December 2021. The URL changed to https://magentacloud.de/remote.php/webdav and you need to set a dedicated Password to use WebDAV.


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That is interesting, thanks for sharing this information, we changed it in the table.

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FYI, Box WebDAV is back online after months of being down. Many people reported losing access but mine seems to be working again. I would operate under the assumption that it could stop again at any time.


can you please add Disroot | Disroot NextCloud WebDAV URL:


To login you must provide your disroot user_name (or your email if using with own domain) and password. If 2FA is enabled, generate app-specific-password

This combination for NextCloud is missing in table :wink:

Thanks for the hint. I added it to the list.

Just tested several on that list and found out that:

  1. Box has already dropped support for WebDAV as of April 28. 2023

  2. Icedrive’s WebDAV is only available on paid plans, and require a separate access key as the password.
    Does Icedrive support WebDAV?- Icedrive Support Center

  3. pCloud’s WebDAV is only available on premium plans starting February 11, 2022.

Btw thanks for compiling this list! I’m not a Cryptomator user (yet, might try it if the freemium plan for the Android app pushed through) but decided to make an account just to contribute back.


Thanks for sharing this information. I updated the list accordingly.

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