WebDAV URLs of Common Cloud Storage Services

IDrive don’t have anymore webdav support. This is their answer to my enquiry …

we currently do no have webdav available on any IDrive plan. It was available only for Idrive sync which is now discontinued.

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Thank you for the hint. Have removed the entry from the list accordingly.

Magentacloud moved to a nextcloud based solution in December 2021. The URL changed to https://magentacloud.de/remote.php/webdav and you need to set a dedicated Password to use WebDAV.


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That is interesting, thanks for sharing this information, we changed it in the table.

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FYI, Box WebDAV is back online after months of being down. Many people reported losing access but mine seems to be working again. I would operate under the assumption that it could stop again at any time.


can you please add Disroot | Disroot NextCloud WebDAV URL:


To login you must provide your disroot user_name (or your email if using with own domain) and password. If 2FA is enabled, generate app-specific-password

This combination for NextCloud is missing in table :wink:

Thanks for the hint. I added it to the list.

Thanks for sharing this information. I updated the list accordingly.

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