Vault Empty on iCloud

Help!! My Vault is suddenly empty om iCloud from my mac. When I use the mobile client on iphone/ipad my content is there, but on the mac it is empty.
I’ve updated to the latest version of Cryptomator.
Tried to run sanitizer but it reports a version mismatch expected 6 actual 7.
So I cannot get to my files and I urgently need to update some documents…
Not happy ;-(

Could you please check if your vault is completely downloaded? See:

I just came to the same idea and indeed that is what is happening…
The root folder was only in iCloud (and many other folders) and probably therefore the Vault seemed empty.
Go to Mac -> System Preferences -> Apple ID en uncheck “Optimise Mac Storage”
All is than downloaded and now it works fine :slight_smile: happy again…
Thanks for the quick response, I really needed to update a document today.