Vault damaged again. Integrity check can not repair it


I had problems with the mobile application and tried the integrity check on Windows.
Many errors fixed but a couple of “…but dir.c9r file is missing.” are still left.

Other than creating a new vault, I have no idea how to fix this.

bye Marc

Hi. See here: Data Lost: How to restore missing Directories

If you want to create a new vault, I recommend to analyse why your link files are going lost. May problems with your sync? Otherwise I’m afraid you will run into similar problems with your new vault again.


Yes, I have read that. It doesn’t say anything about directories that can’t be fixed.

It would be great to know why the vault keeps getting corrupted. I haven’t used it at all lately.
My only idea is to store it in another cloud. Maybe the sync program has bugs.

I think the problem is in the Windows client.

There were several directories in LOST+FOUND that I could not delete. They were displayed as empty.

On the iPad, however, there were other empty directories in there with the name file… I have deleted all of them.

After that the integrity check of the Windows client ran without errors.