Using Cryptomator for DMS (Document Management System) stored on Cloud Drives

Hello, I’m new here and don’t know if I’m right.

Among other things, Cryptomator is well suited for encrypting DMS (Document Management System) on cloud drives. Unfortunately, there are a couple of issues that make it difficult to use. I would like to briefly report on mine and ask whether there are / will be solutions for this.

Structure of my DMS:

  • there is no folder structure. All files are located in the “DMS-Docs” folder. This simplifies and speeds up the search (on Win10 I use the software called “Everything”, it also works with an open Cryptomator vault).
  • The documents are tagged using the file name. E.g.
    As you can see, there are fixed and free tags that can be in any order in the file name. Tagging via the file name is system-independent. There are currently just over 2000 documents.
    Disadvantages: The file name can be quite long (sometimes more than 400 characters). For the search it does not matter in which order the tags appear in the file name.
    Search strings: “07 Tag03 Tag01” “Tag01 07 Tag03” find the first file.
    Search string: “Tag03 Tag01” finds both files.
    Not every search algorithm can do this, because the order of the tags has to be correct for most of them.

Current situation:
For tagging under Win10 I use a program that I wrote with AutoIT.
For the search under Win10 the program “Everything”
For the search and display under Android an app written by me with Kodular. Whereby Kodular is more like LEGO construction kit and not a programming environment like e.g. Kotlin.

Now the problems:
Cryptomator, Win10, MagentaCloud (preferred):

  • MagentaCloud only supports paths including file names with a maximum of 256 characters. The parameter “filenameLengthLimit: 220” in the settings.json apparently has no influence on the encryption method ?! Cryptomator uses a folder above a certain path filename length. However, there is an area in which the synchronization with the cloud fails.
    Example (the number of characters depends on the path chosen for the cloud files and may not match other configurations).
    File name up to 122 characters - Sync OK
    File name from 123 - 196 characters - Sync fail (file name too long)
    Filename 197 and more - Sync OK (Chryptomator switches to encryption with the folder variant).
    As I said: The numbers are freely chosen as an example, because I no longer have the Excel table with my evaluation :frowning:

Cryptomator Android app:

  • “Glob pattern search” is switched on, but doesn’t work for me at all. E.g. “2021*” does not produce a result! and there are more than 10 Docs starting with the date 2021. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong.
  • The search takes far too long, as the entire structure on the cloud is queried again and again. Indexing should be considered here. The index file could be in the root of the encrypted container and be updated in the background. This could also be used to map a recursion.

Finally, some good news - Cryptomator, Win10, OneDrive: no problems with the path and file name length.

My conclusion:
Cryptomator with OneDrive on a Win10 computer works great!
Cryptomator Android App is unfortunately of no use to me, but I’m not sad to have invested the money for it :slight_smile: I think it’s an investment in the future.

Many Thanks
You’re doing a really great job.



Please see here: [1.5.0+] File name too long
If you change the parameter it will not have an effect for existing files. You need to either fix long file names in advance or (what I would recommend) set up a new and empty vault with the needed filenameLengthLimit and then migrate your files into that new vault.
Please note: this limit is for filenames. It does not include the path. Magenta is limiting to the path, including the filename. Further more this is a local configuration. If you put a file into your vault via android, the specified filename limitation will not apply.

Hi Michael,

thanx for the reply. I’ll do some testings with this Information. The android device is only for searching and displaying the files when I’m not at home.

We’re currently using PatternMatcher#PATTERN_SIMPLE_GLOB:

the given pattern is interpreted with a simple glob syntax for matching against the string it is tested against. In this syntax, you can use the ‘’ character to match against zero or more occurrences of the character immediately before. If the character before it is ‘.’ it will match any character. The character ‘’ can be used as an escape. This essentially provides only the '’ wildcard part of a normal regexp.

You’re right, the name is very misleading. We should switch to another implementation. Currently it works more like regex than globing, in your case 2021.* would bring the result.

Here you’re right too, this needs to be enhanced and should be a by-product of the document provider implementation.