Use Cryptomator with cloud storages that to not provide WebDAV

[Splitted from Post “WebDAV URLs of Common Cloud Storage Services”]

Thanks for these links! A lot of these services have absolutely horrendous file upload speeds when using WebDAV. Unfortunately keeping a local folder to sync with on my computer defeats the purpose of “saving storage” and having all of my files in the cloud.

In particular I use Jottacloud which has incredibly fast upload and download speeds (I’ve tested up to 50MB/s) though this is using their atypical “sync” software which runs very much like all the other sync software offered by e.g. Stackstorage and Dropbox.

My question is, is there any way to set a vault on Jottacloud without having to keep my files also locally on the machine? Installing their Windows software gives me a folder to sync with, which I can make a vault on that is automatically uploaded (at around 50MB/s) to their servers. However those files must still be stored locally on my machine. I can delete the vault and files inside it after uploading but then this creates problems being able to view the vault (and subsequently what’s stored in my cloud as they are the same). So this creates problems with adding and removing files from the vault… Subsequently it means that the max size of my vault is basically the max size of my largest local hard drive (the drive that the vault and Jotta is syncing with).

WebDAV would mean at least those files weren’t also on my computer, but after speaking with their support they have absolutely no plans to enable WebDAV or SFTP or any other file transfer protocol EVER. I’ve looked at Sync which also doesn’t support WebDAV. Dropbox which doesn’t either… Stackstorage seems to be the only one but their upload speeds are only about 2.5MB/s via WebDAV, but up to 10MB/s via their own Sync app. Is WebDAV just really slow or something?

Does anyone have any tips to easily manage vaults with Jottacloud (or any other service that doesn’t have webdav) without having to store the files locally on a drive somewhere?

I don’t mind the slow speeds, so long as they are at least in the realm of 5MB/s if it means I can mount a drive on my machine and keep those files entirely off my local machine but still encrypted in a vault. Doesn’t seem possible though.

So Jottacloud does not provide any file transfer, and due to this forum post they do not provide an official API for developers. I don’t see how external programs then should provide an “official” direct connection with jottacloud. Obviously jottacloud does not want that. Programm developers are in this respect quite a bit dependent on the providers.
Further more, Cryptomator for desktop is designed to work with the providers sync client to allow users of nearly all storage providers (as nearly all have their own sync client) to store their files privacy protected online .
If you want to access you cryptomator vault directly with a desktop app, third party apps will fit better for you (but of course they will also need to have an api/webdav or other connections provided by cloud service).
Keep in mind that the cryptomator mobile apps connect directly to the cloud service. You will not be able to connect to your cryptomator vault with the mobile apps, if the vault is on jottacloud.