Uploading the complete Camera roll

Dear Community,

perhaps someone can help me out with the following issues:
I am trying to upload the complete camera roll of my iphone (if possible at once otherwise in steps…)
But there are several problems alongside.

  1. From inside the Photos app:
    It is possible to mark a huge number of photos at once from there and chose cryptomator to interact with the items. BUT a really great number of the photos has the same name and cryptomator cant handle that automatically. I have to edit every photos name by hand in that case… that’s not suitable and would take hours to manage. So I have to go another way.

  2. From inside the cryptomator app:
    It is of cause also possible to access the photos from there BUT it is not possible to select multiple photos at once like from the photos app (tick one and hold and swipe down). So again I am stuck here because it would take hours to tick every single picture.

  3. A general function to automatically import (already taken not only new pics) is missing as far as I can see that by now.
    So I hope my problem is understandable and I did not miss out any obvious solution. Is somebody facing the same kind of problems and perhaps can help me out or is it possible to add the disrobed points as features?

Yours sincerely

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Hi. and welcome.

This is a bug and there’s a github issue opened. But unsolved by now

Yes, this function is already requested but unfortunately not implemented by now

And unfortunately again you are right. This feature is not implemented in the iOS version. Here’s the github request