Unsecured Connection error message

I am attempting to login to cryptomator on my MacBook and receiving an “Unsecured Connection” error (see image). Even if I press Connect, which due to my lack of knowledge in these things I am not sure is advisable I am unable to access my encrypted folders as it says “Unlock failed. See log for details”. Where is the option to view the log? Any ideas why I am getting this error? I am currently unable to access my data on my MB so this is urgent. I am on version 1.4.11. Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

good to ask this before blindly pressing connect. In general it is indeed not a good idea to send credentials via an unencrypted connection.

In this specific case it is a different situation, though. Neither are there credentials nor is the connection leaving your computer. The message is due to the fact that Cryptomator used to use a WebDAV connection from your Finder to Cryptomator (which is a loopback connection since both applications run on the same machine).

Sadly, it is not possible to create a (valid) SSL certificate for “localhost”. I.e. there is nothing we can do about this error, which usually makes a lot of sense when connecting to remote hosts via public networks.

If you’re interested in more details, this has already been discussed:

If you feel annoyed by this warning, you might want to use FUSE instead of WebDAV to access your vault.

Regarding the error message, I’d need to see the log file for details. But before we dive into that, I’d suggest to simply use FUSE.

Hi, thank you for the response. Unfortunately you may be assuming a certain level of technical expertise here that I do not possess. How do I use FUSE? Also, as I mentioned I have no idea how to access the log, on the desktop app it is not obvious where I can view it. One thing I do not understand is that I have been using the desktop app for a few days with no issues but today I encountered this problem. Kind regards, Roger

Download and install FUSE for macOS: https://osxfuse.github.io/

After that, make sure that FUSE is selected in the Cryptomator settings as “Preferred Volume Type”.

Thank you very much tobihagemann I did as you said and it has resolved my issue. Appreciate you taking the time to post. Kind regards, Roger

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