Syncing vault with unencrypted folders

Is there a way to sync my vault with an unencrypted folder? I would like to have unencrypted copies of my files on my computers (Windows and Mac) and encrypted copies on Google Drive. All copies should be synchronized. How can I do this?

You need a sync or backup tool to do that. There’s no built in function in cryptomator.
I am using Personal Backup for years now and I am happy with it.

Thanks, I’ll look at Personal Backup. Do you know if there is similar software for Mac?

Im pretty sure that there is backup software for Mac also and you will get thousands results if you ask google. As I’m not working with a Mac, I do not have a recommendation.

Hi all. With a Mac, aside from Time Machine (set it and forget it), I recommend for syncing look into chronosync. Been using it a few years, and very malleable. I also use it to backup certain files on my OS disk to a dropbox folder on my data disk that gets synced and backed up somewhere else.

I’m a very satisfied Duplicacy user:

How do you use Duplicay for backup. Do you backup the complete Vault i.e. make a snapshot of the Vault, or do you backup the files inside the Vault when it is mounted?

Since Duplicacy uses encrypted chunks, I back up the original (unencrypted) files inside the mounted Cryptomator volume.

I set up Duplicay with .duplicacy folder insider the vault so i can back up the original unencrypted files. But this only works when I mount Cryptomator with WebDav. When I try with Dokany on a Windows 10 x64 Pro system I get a “failed to read directory” error and nothing gets backed up.

Did you get it to work with Dokany or only WebDav. If you get it working with Dokany, may I ask how did you set up the .duplicay folder and config/preferences file?