Spotlight indexing permission requested by System Preferences on Mac

MacOS 10.14.6.: I do NOT use the “Custom Mount Flags” feature of Cryptomator. All of a sudden I got a “System Preferences” notification on my Mac to “Not Allow” or “Allow” Spotlight to search in the Cryptomator files. I clicked on “Allow”. However, Spotlight cannot search in the decrypted files anyway.

Question 1: Why did I receive this System Preferences notification? Especially if it appears to have done nothing?

Question 2: I now search in the System Preferences but I can’t find this option to “Not Allow” or “Allow” such a search anymore. How can I deactivate it, or reactivate it again? (In the System Preferences?)

It seems a bit confusing to me.
Does anyone understand this better?

To this point Spotlight is not officially supported. Using custom mount flags, some users managed to get it partially working, but this is nothing we can offer support for yet.

I can not answer any of your questions. The notification came from the operating system which decided to ask you when it noticed there was a new drive. I have no idea what triggered this. Cryptomator does not nudge Spotlight to attempt this in any way.

Also, using a quick search I didn’t find any clear instruction on how to revoke granted access rights from Spotlight. Of course there is the blacklist that you can add folders to under System PreferencesSpotlightPrivacy. Who knows, maybe the location would have been added there if you chose to deny access when Spotlight asked you. :thinking:

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