Source Code? or concept?

i am interesting in data security. i need source code for my study. or at least the concept of building an app? i need for my study. is this open source right? thanks

Yes, it’s open source. You can download the code at It is licensed under the MIT / X Consortium License.

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link please buddy, i am confuse

Well, If you would have a closer look at the main page and read about cryptomator and its technologie/licencse etc., you would find a link at the bottom of the text, right next to “donate” (:slight_smile:). This Link is called “GitHub” and I guess you will be linked to the GitHub page. If you don´t find it: here it is Cryptomator at GitHub. If you open this page you´ll notice a big green button labelled with “Clone or download”. Guess what! Yes. You can download or clone the code here.

Sorry for being sarcastic, but for me it seems you are not very engaged in your “study”.
Hope I could help anyway with the github link.

And if you are looking for the license details: MIT license

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Just to clarify: We switched the license of the main application to GPLv3 and the license of the libraries to AGPLv3 some time ago. The informational text on the website did not reflect this accordingly.

You will always find the current licensing information in the GitHub repository.