Sanitizer's decryptFile must work with a whole vault? can it work with file only?

I just rescued a single encrypted file say T^YUH(^O&UIY()&YOHUIHO&(&HJ from my google drive.

sanitier 's decryptFILE ask for a vault location, ask for the password, ask for the path.

is it I cant get back the plain text of this rescued encrypted file then ?

if I can, how? thanks

is this a solution?

I did search myself so not to waste others’ time,
but info on sanitizer is really little…


my digest now:

yeah decryptFile work with vault only.

BUT I can as the link say,
make a “fake” vault, and
use decryptVault to decrypt my rescued encrypted single file.


You assume that each encrypted file is corresponding to one (complete) decrypted file.
This is not the case.
See here: Why so many files?

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