Renaming folder causes “Content unavailable” error

Hi all,

I recently reworked my file organization system and in doing so I decided to rename some folders across various cloud providers and Cryptomator.

However, upon renaming one of those Cryptomator folders within the iOS Files app, all of its contents disappeared and I am instead greeted with the dreaded “Content unavailable” message.

I’ve left the app alone for a bit to see if it would help, also tried closing down and reopening, locking/unlocking the vault but nothing will do.

I’m unable to attach the logs for reference (new forum user) but I can update the log file’s contents in plain text if that helps (anything I should obfuscate in there for privacy before uploading?).

Thank you in advance!

Not sure what went wrong, but as a quick help:
Have you tried to delete the vault from the cryptomator app (this will not delete the vault files, just the record in the vault list in the app) and to add the vault again?
If this does not help, have you tried to delete the connection and set it up again (if it’s not a local vault or a vault on icloud)?

Hi Michael,

I haven’t tried any of those solutions yet but will give them a shot and come back with some updates tomorrow, thank you.

The vault is in Google Drive - does that affect any of the recommendations you outlined?

To clarify, I made the changes to the folder structure as it appears un Cryptomator/iOS Files app not in the vault structure in Google Drive. Not sure if this helps with your added note?

I have tried renaming the folder to what it was before I changed it but the result is the same.

Lastly, how would I take back my changes?

Thank you again Michael, I appreciate the help.

Confirming the removing/re-adding the vault to the vault list in the Cryptomator app fixed the issue. Thanks again Michael!

I’m having this same issue. I don’t know what triggered it exactly but I did recently reorganize some stuff from my Mac. Now when I access certain folders on my iPhone, they show “Content Unavailable”–not every folder, but several. Some of the problem folders are empty, some contain other folders and files.

Is there anything else I might try? I did try removing and re-adding the vault but that didn’t resolve the issue.

The vault is stored in iCloud.

This might not have been exactly the correct topic for my issue, but it may be related at least in the periphery.

I went into iCloud Drive where the sync folder is stored, long-pressed it, and selected Download Now.

After waiting for that to complete, everything was accessible.

That suggestion came from Content Unavailable error on iOS - #6 by Acordov11

It seems that Cryptomator isn’t calling for files to be downloaded as they’re accessed. This seems to be the cause of my problem; doing the same for this issue might prevent having to delete and re-add the vault.