Recovering lost file name and extension

2 days ago I moved from Boxcryptor to Cryptomator 1.6.17 on Win10 and I’m afraid I did a series of wrong moves… as a result, I have 2 corrupted vaults, most likely because of sync issues with OneDrive.
I downloaded them to work 100% locally, and used Health Check to try restoring them.
I have 2 different issues:

First, even though there are a number of dirid.c9r files in these vaults, I only end up with LOST+FOUND directories with obscure directory names and file names underneath. Is there a specific process for exploiting the dirid.c9r files and restoring filenames and even the directory tree?

Second, I cannot do anything with the files. TrID did not open on my 64-bit PC. EVen if I could guess an extension, I cannot even rename thes files. For instance, if I try to rename or even move “file1_h1e”, I get a WIndows Error 0x8007045D (I/O peripheral error).

Since I’m a complete rookie with Cryptomator, I wondered if some of you may have experienced this and had some recommendation.

Thanks and happy new year to all!


see here for more info: Data Lost: How to restore missing Directories

Unfortunately I do not have an idea what might cause your I/O error. Maybe someone other has.

Thanks Michael for your fast response. Before deciding to post my request for help, I had done my homework (however with my limited understanding). I had already followed the entire process described at Data Lost: How to restore missing Directories . This allowed me to seemingly repair all files within my Vault, and the Health Check showed “everything green” after that - I should have clarified that point.

Despite this, the files now shown in the recovered LOST+FOUND directories seem corrupt.
I have most likely cumulated too many mistakes… I guess I’d better start from a clean backup and rebuild a new Vault from scratch on my local drive before uploading it to OneDrive.