Providers such as Degoo

I have been using a really, really crappy service that I bought access to (Degoo) that designs its system to favor uploads, not so much downloads. From what I can tell, they are using Google for their back-end processing – at least, a download link sent to me is using the Google APIs.

That being said, I wonder if there is some clever way through cryptomator to access this service, which I imagine is WebDAV based (ie: you can only upload via the browser).

I suppose with the URLs they send for archives, etc., that are Google API links, I imagined there may be some way to access the pool of data using the Google API. But there could be ways to insulate a service from that type of access – this service (Degoo) is crappy, but designed primarily for uploads, downloading is tedious and difficult (on purpose). But moreso, I wondered about getting a cryptomator vault there – which looks to be not.


I do not recommend Degoo.
In fact I have a lifetime 10TB there but do not use it, too afraid to do so.
In the past they had & advertised a desktop client that could be used also to download, now you can not find it in there site, There Facebook service sent me twice links to download the missing desktop client but I noticed now that the relevant messages from there Facebook Messenger representative were ___ deleted ___ !!
I still have the desktop client that they sent to me but uninstalled it and again: too afraid to store things there.
They wrote to me that Webdav is not supported.