PC to Google Drive Sync


What my setup is

Windows App
iOS App
Vault created in Google Drive

What I am trying to accomplish

I am using PaperPort and saving documents and pdf to my documents folder on my computer which google then syncs.

I would like for my files to be saved (on my PC with no encryption) but also have a copy of all these files automatically encrypted and syncing to Google Drive.

What I Tried

Tried moving documents folder to vault on Google drive - this worked, but made everything REALLY slow also, every time I need to unlock vault otherwise paperport cant find folders.

If the answer is no, its not possible to accomplish what I want

if I were to then manually backup to the vault in Google drive - does Cryptomator have the capability of ‘knowing’ what’s already been backed up or will I just end up with lots of the same files? - what I mean is, I have created a working folder with LOTS of sub folders and sub folders within those I would like to just drag the one folder into the vault and be done with it. Is this possible?

Yes. Thats how cryptomator works. If you open your vault, a new drive is provided in which you copy the files you want to encrypt. Is the vault closed, there is obviously no vault-drive that could be found by 3rd party software.

No. Cryptomator is not a backup solution. If you want to have cryptomator encrypted backups, you’ll have to use backup software that backups into the vault. (here is s my recommendation)
The backup solution then detects what is known and untouched in your backup and whats not, and then do the backup.

Thank you for the information Michael. The backup software and procedures explained seem very good!