Outliner app closes

Outliner is an Android app which open .hjt files --TreePad-- (and other outliners). When I open a file .hjt inside Cryptomator, inmediatly Outliner closes (In the same folder I can open pdf or photos without problem). If I export .hjt files from Cryptomator, there is no problem, I can open them and the files are right.
When Outliner closes, sometimes the following notification appears: “sincronización correcta” (sync is right or sync done)
Thank you

Currently, files are opened only with READ permission in third party apps. Some apps require WRITE permission and this might be the case with Outliner and thus the app closes immediately.

We are not allowing WRITE permission, because we are currently not synchronizing changes made in third party apps back to the cloud. We are planing to bring this feature in a future release and you can follow updates here Store changes on files opened with Cryptomator back to the cloud.

For now the only option is to export the files and open them with the app.

OK Thank you very much.

Is this feature already implemented (syncing back to the cloud)?

see linked github request. It says: milestone 1.4.
so it is not released so far.