Open Source: Cryptomator for Android

We announced it last month and now we are ready… our gift to the community for the holidays: Cryptomator for Android is now fully open-source! Check out the repository here:

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Does this mean the app is becoming free on Android for new users? If so, do you consider adding the app to the F-Droid repository, where all apps distributed there are built from source?

Thanks a lot for the hard work on this, I bought the Android app and a key to unlock the dark theme on PC and I have relied on it immensely to store sensitive data.

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It depends very much on the context in which you see the term ‘free’. To explain this a little better, I would like to quote a post written by @overheadhunter :

To relate it to open source, yes, new users can study the source code right from the start. To relate it to money, no, there are no plans to offer the android app free of charge.

We will publish our license version (which can be currently downloaded from our Website and from Github-Releases) to F-Droid.


That’s great, thanks for the clarification and I totally understand the need to fund this endeavor :slight_smile: I’d be sad to see this project being abandoned if it’s unsustainable.


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