OneDrive Files On-Demand - Cloud Only


I’m new to Cryptomator so I apologize if this has already been addressed.

My searches on the community & web only found info from over a year ago regarding the subject of OneDrive Files On-Demand compatibility with Cryptomator. I want to have the files stored in the Cryptomator vault on OneDrive be cloud only. Not finding a recent post on whether or not this was possible I decided to just try it.

I installed Crypotmator 1.4.0 on Windows 10 Home 1803.

Created a vault on OneDrive with Files On-Demand turned on and set the drive to O: using Dokany

I copied some files to O: and waited of OneDrive to finish syncing.

I checked the vault file on OneDrive and all files were still stored locally…not what I wanted.

I right clicked on the “d” & “m” folders in the vault folder and set them to “Free up space” so files are cloud only and waited for OneDrive to finish syncing.

Now the files are no longer available in O: but are still there on OneDrive in the cloud.

Did I do something wrong or is this to be expected with the current version of Cryptomator?


You did nothing wrong. But what you want is something what Cryptomator does not provide.

The problem is, that when Cryptomator makes a file call to you encrypted files it does this call to the underlying filesystem via the standard java api. Now as far as i know the OneDrive Files on Demand feature is not supported by Java and therefore you cannot use it in combination with cryptomator.

But you can use cyberduck instead of the cryptomator app to store your files online only AND encrypted by cryptomator, as cryptomator encryption is included into cyberduck.

Thanks for the replies infeo & Michael.

Will look into Cyberduck.


can cyberduck handle files larger than 4GB?

previously ctmt have a 4GB file problem, i remember is on webDAV,

not sure is due to window’s built in webDAV or cyberduck.


The 4gb limit is only when you use windows WebDAV. So yes, cyberduck can handle larger files as it does not windows WebDAV.

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