ObsidianMD / sync. Can Cryptomator help?

I’m confused by Cryptomator, cloud sync and this Android app: ObsidianMD. I’m not sure if Cryptomator can help prevent apps on Android from reading Obsidian’s files that are in shared storage?

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Android has poor controls over what accesses the sdcard storage space and plenty of other apps need access to the sdcard

Android actually sandboxes app data nicely, see Android Security Blog: Application Sandbox :

> In Android 10 apps have a limited raw view of the filesystem, with no direct access to paths like /sdcard/DCIM. However, apps retain full raw access to their package-specific paths, as returned by any applicable methods, such as Context.getExternalFilesDir.

However my current recommendation would be to not keep sensitive data in Obsidian but use other tools for that (such as Bitwarden) and also be judicious in which apps you install.

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