Native Windows 10 ARM

You are doing just a great job. But are you thinking of providing a Windows 10 ARM Version ?

At the moment there is no ARM support in OpenJFX, therefore this is blocked by upstream dependencies.

Hello there,
time goes by, is there any chance to see cryptomator running on the Surface Pro X (ARM64)? Or is there any other way to use it on ARM64 with a workaround solution?

Thank you.

Was posting this in an other Post, I hope here’s the right place.

We released today a new version of the CLI project, which allows to unlock vaults over the terminal:

Hello infeo,

Sorry for my late reply, I lost the track regarding my request and forgot to check new answer.

I am not that much into Programming so I do not understand what it meanst by terminal? Do I have to use the Windows Terminal (Windows ARM in this case) to unlock the Vault? If yes, is there a tutorial or How-to?

Or are you guys planning to release a ARM-Version of Cryptomator? So many questions but I am glad and thankful that you guys are there.

Thank you.


The readme file of the project repository contains a short example.

But: To use the CLI application, you need java in at least version 11 installed on your system. I searched through the internet for a suitable JDK (=Java), but could not find any. Hence, right now, I guess even the CLI is not a solution for Windows ARM systems.

Well, this means that this solution is not applicable for “Normal” Users. So I hope Cryptomator will have a ARM64 Solution in the future, as Apple is switching to ARM too…

Thank you for your feedback Infeo.

I should have been more clear:

There is no JDK for Windows ARM. For Linux on an ARM CPU the CLI is a valid solution.

Did you seen that Microsoft has programmed their own OpenJDK?

It has now reached version 16.

So will there be a native ARM version of Cryptomator?

Not if we are talking about the full fledged GUI app, because the JDK is not enough. Additionally to the JDK (which itself is still only Early Access) JavaFX needs a windowx aarch64 release, which does not exist.

For the CLI version the JDK is sufficient.

It is really pity to hear that.
Thank you for your quick reply.