NAS Synchronisation with One Drive

Hi together,

my main data is stored on a NAS.

I want to backup this data on my One Drive using Cryptomator.

One Drive can only be created on a local drive. Therefore the data needs to be copied from the NAS to a local drive connected to One Drive.

While creating a tresor with Cryptomator a new local drive is opened.

Nomally I am using a program called Robocopy to backup my files. This program analysis the exting files on the backup and copies only new files.

Unfortunaltely Robocopy can’t work with the drive created by Cryptomator.

Is there any other solution available ? I don’t want to copy every time 600GB to One Drive through Cryptomator.

For your support thanks in advance.


Hi together,

just checked with Google search.

The software ViceVersa offers such a comparision old / new and synchronisation of the new or changed files only.

Maybe you have got other alternatives.



I’m using this for backup purposes.

Hi Michael,

for your fast answer thanks a lot.

I will check it. Sounds better than ViceVersa.

Have a nice weekend.


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Hi together,

I have started to synchronize my data (34000 Files / 204GB) and it takes a lot of time till one drive really starts with synchronization and synchronization / uploading itself is also very slow.

It is the first synchronization with One drive. Is that the issue ? Will it be when only a few fles have changed much faster ?

I have got 50MBit/s download and 10MBit/s upload.

Is there any chance to improve the setup ?

I have seen that Cyptomator creates a lot of folders and files to encrypt my data. But maybe that the problem. I have got around 3.814 Folders and Cyptomator creates 10.209 out of it. The same applies for the files, 34.468 to 48.793.

Any help or idea is welcome.

Thanks in advanvce.