My masterkey is deleted, could you help me? (URGENT)

Hello Everyone,

I noticed that I don’t have access to my vault with valuable files. When I try to log in, I see the following message: “masterkey.cryptomator can not be founded” (see attached photo below)

When I looked further, I saw that the masterkey is deleted and all my files are in the “Trash”. Unfortunately there are also no files in my iCloud Drive.

To be honest, I really want to remove all my files and the vault also, to avoid that third parties abuse my encrypted data. What do you recommend, since all my files are in the Trash and I can’t open them?

I really looking forward to your answers!

As long as the masterkey is not present, your files are lost and cannot be (easily) decrypted and accessed.

There are three options here to restore the masterkey

  1. Other location like other device, backup or trash bin.
  2. The masterkeyXXX.cryptomator.bkup file, it is placed in the same directory as the masterkey
  3. The recovery key, see

If you have the masterkey, just restore the deleted files from the trash bin and everything should work. Of course this does not explain who or what deleted your vault, but this is something you have to research.

As a last point: Always make backups to protect yourself against such cases.