Metadata - minimizing , cleanup

Cryptomator is creating many metadata files and folders for me, which I am trying to minimise.

Initially the main cause was using Syncfolders software , which seems to generate a metadata file for every item copied (presumably due to the temporary filename during copy?) - Resulting in thousands of files and folders under /M

I’ve now created a new vault, used filename length checking tools to keep everything under 100 and am using standard Explorer to copy. While metadata creation is now considerably less, I’m still seeing some created and can’t figure out the reason.

Other than path name length, is there anything else that triggers metadata creation, eg special characters?

Also can anyone recommend a Synchronisation software for windows that plays well with cryptomator, without the excessive metadata generation mentioned above? - Or is there any way to clean up the redundant metadata after a sync?


I can. See this post: What tool do you use to automatically unlock your cryptomator vault and sync the files in your vault with the local copies of those files?

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