Max file path length question (REWORDED VERSION)



I am using desktop version 1.4.11 with WebDAV, on Windows 10 Pro x64 v1903, which allows enabling long file paths (~32,000 characters, up from ~260 or ~247), although windows explorer is still not fully compatible (I think it is view-only for long paths, despite windows allowing it…).

I read that cryptomator “limits path depth regardless of its actual hierarchy to ensure compatiblity with some cloud storage services”. Could you clarify what is the max path length that cryptomator creates (e.g. 150) and what length remains for our folder structure that contains the vault (e.g. 260-150=110).
Also, since windows explorer is still not fully compatible then I assume we still have to respect original 260 char limits within the decrypted vault itself (which will then be shortened according to cryptomator’s file structure)?

Thank you very much for the clarifications.

Any info about this please? What is the max total path length that cryptomator creates when shortening file names/paths? I just wanted to know how many characters I have when naming folders/stuff in order to make sure I never exceed windows’ limit with any potential future cryptomator-produced encrypted file.

Also please confirm that decrypted vaults viewed in windows explorer have their own 260 (or 247?) character limit (due to explorer’s incompatibility with long paths).

Thanks for any info you can provide.


Based on this information about the security architecture
dirPath := vaultRoot + '/d/' + substr(dirIdHash, 0, 2) + '/' + substr(dirIdHash, 2, 30)
Means: within the folder “d” of your vault, the next level are 2-digits folders, and the next are 30-digits folders.
Please note: this is only for the file path, not for the file names.

Please have a look at this description of name shortening
Based on this, cryptomator checks if the “encrypted” file name (cyphertextName) has more than 129 digits. If yes, a SHA1 Hash is generated from this. The output should not exceed 40-digits .
So, if you have loooooong folder/filenames, they will end up in something like this:

the bold marked part is 81 digits. The other part of the path obviously depends on your setup.

It depends on the volume type you are using. (WebDAV or Dokany).
I made some testing with Windows 1809 in April. Here are my results: