Masterkey.cryptomator in my cloud drive?

hello, i was looking for an alternative to boxcryptor and i saw cryptomator and i just installed it and i created a folder inside my google drive app on my pc. so i drag and drop a txt file inside to the vault to see if it’s working or not and after that i went to my google drive web page and i’ve noticed some of the files that cryptomator created, there’s a file named ‘‘masterkey.cryptomator’’ and i downloaded it and inside that file there are some info about ''salt, primary master key, hmackey etc… ‘’

so İs that OK? İsn’t that file should be secret? and not uploaded to my google drive? Did i do anything wrong when creating a vault? İs my data secure? thanks!

Hi. Thas ok.
See here: Why is the masterkey stored in the cloud?

Your password is the secret. Without it all these files are useless.