Lost "masterkey.cryptomator"

I moved one of my vaults from my nextcloud folder to another folder, as I no longer wanted it stored in my nextcloud but rather on my computer locally. However, the “masterkey.cryptomator” did not transfer over. Now, I am unable to find this “masterkey.cryptomator” anywhere on my computer. My encrypted files are still there in the new folder I moved them too, but now I can not unlock them because cryptomator cannot locate the vault.

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You have a few options to get back to your files, if one of the option will help depends on your setup:

  1. Check (if available) your local backups
  2. Check the trash bin of your Nextcloud using https://URL_TO_YOUR_NEXTCLOUD/apps/files/?dir=/&view=trashbin or the trash can in the bottom left of the files app in Nextcloud
  3. Check if you created and stored a recovery key


Thanks for responding. I created a recovery key upon setting up the vault, will it be able to help me?


We need to enhance the process of recreating a masterkey file from the recovery key but this still works:

I tried the steps provided, however, when I reveal the drive, it is empty, despite the new masterkey being in the same folder of the contents of my encrypted files/

This could have at least to possible reasons:

  1. As mentioned in the quoted message

    Have you made sure that both vaults have been created with the current cryptomator version or have been opened before using this version? By current version I mean Cryptomator in version 1.5.x

  2. You have not only lost the masterkey.cryptomator but at least also the root-folder which causes the vault to appear empty. This could be checked with the sanitizer which is still being made fit for the current version.

I just created the vault yesterday, so it should be on the latest version. I am not sure what this root-folder is. Are you referring to the folder labeled as “d”?

The directory structure is obfuscated with cryptomator. I meant one of the level 3 dirs, e.g. d/xx/yyyyyyyyy... . One of these folders is the root directory. The folders in it have this root directory as parent node. If the root directory doesn’t exists anymore, the vault appears empty although there are many files and folders in it but these can no longer be found .

What could help is the log file. Can you take a look if there is anything with error / warning while or after unlocking the vault?

In the following article the problem of a lost /not synced root folder is described:

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