Linux ext4 file length

Hi, i use Linux Mint 20.2 with ext4 file system and Cryptomator 1.5.17.
The Cryptomator vault is created on a Windows 10 System and is synced to a Cloud.
Now I’d like to sync the vault (folder) to my Linux Mint - system.
This does not work, because in the vault is a file with this name (and path):

Only the file name is 188 characters long, the path 259 characters.
Is it possible to restrict the file/path length?

The vault is an older one - created with an older version of Cryptomator. Maybe in the v1.5.17 the length has been already been limited?
Is this a workaround?: Copy the content of my current vault into a new created vault?

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Yes, but i’d advise against it, because it is not a stable configuration. We struggled a lot with this problem in the past and have now a plan how to solve it, but we are only at the beginning of its implementation.

If you really, really want to, you can perform the following steps. Note, those are written for the upcoming 1.6.0 version of Cryptomator (you can download the beta of it here).

:warning: Read the instructions completely before you continue :warning:

  1. Perform the calculations described in Error during updating vault (Cryptomator 1.5.3) - #7 by infeo
  2. With the resulting value x, compute the value y = ((x - 4) / 4 ) * 3 - 16 (where an integer division is used and you need to apply the division before the multiplication!)
  3. Create a new vault in the desired storage location (i.e. with name VAULT), unlock it once and lock it again
  4. Open the log directory over the general preferences
  5. Quit Cryptomator app
  6. Open the file settings.json the log directory with a texteditor
  7. Look for the entry "displayName": "VAULT",
  8. Replace the value behind the next maxCleartextFilenameLength with your calculated y (do not delete the comma!)
  9. Save your changes
  10. Test the setting by starting Cryptomator, unlock the configured vault and try to place a file with more (ASCII) characters than y → it should not work
  11. Sync this vault to the cloud
  12. On every other desktop system, where you access the vault:
    i. Add the vault to Cryptomator
    ii. Perform steps 5.-10.

Since this setting always only made locally, you have to set it up on every system. Please note that the mobile apps do not allow restricting the filename length. Here you need to be … yeah, well… just careful.^^