Keys in the Cloud = Safe?

I just have seen that there is a file in my Cloud that contains some „Keys“:

“scryptSalt”: “iu86zndq0HU=”,
“scryptCostParam”: 32768,
“scryptBlockSize”: 8,
“primaryMasterKey”: “eezBQRXa/y85cHbjQ1bvoJfP1VtusDq/CT3hGRv5T4HQ7YqZB6ca6A==”,
“hmacMasterKey”: “H232riP0InsIXFOvfywa4e4bdAuyRbRF+aGRIio/gJGq9aSzTGlBzQ==”,
“versionMac”: “x9Uccuedw2lMu+eVtrKkIQC+q2uPLL5YVP6x9R/Zf2U=”,
“version”: 6

-> This Vault is just for testing
So are there only the encrypted key and I decrypt them by giving my password or what are those?


The short answer is yes. These are the encrypted keys and you can decrypt them with your password.

I suggest you to read Why is the masterkey stored in the cloud? and our page about the security architecture (linked in the given thread).