It doesn't work on iCloud on Windows, because file names are too long

Hello, experts

Please point it out if I’m not using it right. After testing to upload a folder containing about 5 subfolders. iCloud can’t sync any more, whose logs show:

[17068 @ Fri Dec 03 2021 16:44:34.673] 8300 ERROR FSEventMonitor::ProcessChanges Observer: Ignoring. Path too long: C:\Users\aaaaaaa\iCloudDrive + iCloud~com~setolabs~Cryptomator\test2\d\5Y\47ZT6TTW7EIUOSSQQHH7FGWT7SUIRDV\9gMNMspipBz5omnAhTiwe9mkHCTpsxWqe3VdcTzk3nY656ecd4BreiOC6dDwzZFKmOPiYcVY7Y2JrWm4T8Fx3KYP0jewasdfiuwDI7t6xzZCSTy6YNm-TVLbLfFii7xbTR9ptIxHdlEVKY3JGielskdi00WjREDJkI8KYs__MbQHH5A==.c9r

Apparently Cryptomator is generating overly long file names for iCloud to handle.

Please read this:

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