Issue with seeing (long) files in (deep) folders through Windows explorer

Hi all,

I have seen several threads on issues with long file paths and deep folders, but none seemed to quite match my case. Hence, I’ve decided to open a new case for this.

My issue is that when I save my (often quite long) Word files in (often quite deep) folders, a few odd things happen:

  • Going into the vault through the Windows explorer, I don’t see certain files with long file names that are rather deep.
  • Going into the vault through MS Word’s explorer, I see those files, but only when Word opens the file path as “http://cryptomator-vault:…” rather than “D:…”
  • Going into the vault through the Windows explorer, using the http path, I don’t see those files.
  • The issue may have to do with the length of file names and/or the depth of folders, since saving files through MS Word on the http path and “D:” makes them visible in Windows explorer when the path is shorter.
  • On the other hand, the issue does not only seem to be related to file/path length because when I use MS Word to save a file X of relatively short length in a deep folder where longer files are already shown in the Windows explorer but some issues with longer files exist, then that file X does not show up in the folder either, even though other files show up whose names are actually longer…

The bottom line here is that all files are (fortunately) somehow saved, but unfortunately not visible in Windows explorer, which makes working with them tricky, of course. Right now, I always have to go through the MS Word explorer to work on certain documents, rather than being able to access them conveniently through the Windows explorer.

I’m not sure if this was a sufficiently clear explanation for the problem, allowing you to reproduce it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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