How to use other cloud services

Can anyone point me to directions how to set up vaults on cloud services OTHER THAN Google Drive? I am swearing off Google and looking at a number of other free cloud storage providers. But when I go to set up a new vault, only Google Drive shows as the cloud option.

Open to suggestions for any security-focused cloud storage providers too. I don’t want to pay - I don’t have that much data to store.

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You should at least have the option „custom location“ as well. Your local gdrive folder is only detected, because you have the gdrive sync client installed.
Please read this:

There you can find the requested information. Cryptomator desktop just does the encryption. The sync to your cloud storage is done via the storage providers sync tool. So Cryptomator desktop works with every cloud storage provider, as long as he provides also a sync tool.

I can’t see Google drive Backup/Sync anymore (can’t find it via uninstaller either) so how do I remove it from Cryptomator?

Sorry, I was not clear.
Cryptomator is just searching for the standard folder that is usually created by gdrive/OneDrive etc.
If it does find this folder, it assumes that the corresponding sync client is available as well.
So when you have the option „gdrive“ available during vault creation, but you do not have google backup and sync installed, then the folder was not deleted after uninstalling the google app.

If you delete this folder, the option should disappear (please check if important files are in this folder before you delete it)

Michael - your guidance worked…no more Google Drive option, just Custom Location. Just to be very clear…CM is designed specifically to work with cloud storage ONLY, not with a local drive, correct? When I attempted to create a vault on an external drive I get an error message. I assume ANY attempt to create on a local or external drive will produce this result, also correct?

If I install the Dropbox client will Dropbox then appear as my cloud option to create a vault (or any other cloud storage vendor like pCloud, Mega,

BTW - any recommendations on FREE cloud storage that is NOT Google?

Would there be any real-world benefit or reason to use BOTH CM and say, Veracrypt on a local drive? I understand the differences…just curious how the two might co-exist together, assuming you’d want to encrypt the same files you store locally as you would in the cloud. Or is this overcomplicating things and asking for trouble?

And one more question - if I’m using CM and storing in an encrypted cloud platform like pCloud or Sync, am I essentially “double encypting” those files? In other words, a hacker would have to breach pCloud first to gain access to the files, then try and breach CM to get into them

I have the same thing happening…installed desktop client, but CM isn’t showing it as a storage location.

Cryptomator encrypts data locally. No explicit need to sync them to an online storage. But due to my opinion, there is “better” software that is designed for local encryption only, like veracrypt.

That should be possible. Please post the exact error message here. Or the log file.


No. The detection is actually only implemented for the most “common” providers. If you use other providers, you have to select the respective folder manually with “custom location”.

sorry, I do not have a recommendation, mybe other users?

Theres no benefit when using a cryptomator vault inside a verycrypt container or even worse nest a veracrypt container into a cryptomator vault. Please don’t do that. Veracrypt is a local, well checked encryption. No need from my point of view to add an extra local encryption. And it will have effects on performance

yes, if you sync your encrypted files to an encrypted online storage you have a doubled encryption. Only if you do not trust the providers encryption, this can be a useful setup (personal opinion).
(please not: encrypted or not, every attacker has to first breach your cloud storage account to have access to your cryptomator files).

Although I suppose if someone gets your laptop and is able to get into CM (unlikely), then they would have access without having to deal with the cloud platform encryption, right?

Understood, although the other ones I mentioned are pretty mainstream now so would be good to add them to be recognized).

Was able to create a vault in both my Documents folder and also on an external drive, so its working now.

Also notice when I create more than 2 vaults the third one does not have the usual icon with the green - the icon is a blank page? in Windows Explorer?