How to share a Cryptomator vault on Windows 10?

I’m attempting to share a Cryptomator instance, hoping it will solve a problem with Microsoft Edge.

I create a Network device using Webdav mode that shows in Windows explorer. But I can’t share that entity. I think, but do not know, that Windows doesn’t like the “@” symbol in the name.

Any attempt to connect or map the Cryptomator network gives a “Windows cannot access \cryptomator-vaul@42427” error message.

Attempting to map the drive as a remote desktop gives a “invalid name” error. That’s why I’m thinking that Windows might not like the “@” symbol.

With Dokany enabled, I can use the “Give access to” right-click menu. But every attempt to share the vault ends with a message:

“An error occurred while trying to share CRYPTO. The device or directory does not exist.”

A very frustrating message, since the CRYPTO vault does indeed exist.

Attempting to share a folder inside of the vault gives a “You don’t have permission to share or stop sharing this folder.”

Thank you

Cryptomator 1.4.11 64, Win 10

For Dokany I assume this does not work, because you need admin priviliges. For further information, I refer to this post: Drive not mounted for UAC Admin

I don’t see any help or suggestions in that post(s). Does that mean there’s nothing to do for Dokany at this time?


For Dokany, currently yes. But right now we are working on the referenced github issue and it will be included in the next release.

For WebDav, is there a way to change the name so that it doesn’t have the “@” symbol? I think that is making Windows Edge interpret the name as a web entity, which it then looks for online, which, of course, it won’t find.