How does CM interact with cloud's trash history?

I’m designing my new storage solution/policy.
Everything suggests I will be going Pcloud where I will be storing my CM files.

I’m still unsure if I should have a local vault to then use the Pcloud client doing the sync into the cloud only or just write into the cloud directly (probably the former)

Regardless the question I have as per thread title is how CM deals with deleted files. PCloud allows a number of days to restore accidentally deleted files… Will I see the PCloud folder from CM at all? If not how would you go taking benefit of this feature I’m offered?

A very final question: is there any limit in the Vault size? Has anyone ever tested this on many TB of data?


Hi. Encrypted files are treated like any other file by the storage provider. But as pcloud only sees encrypted files, it will store these in the trash history, but without the vault structure. And you will not know where exactly these files should be stored in the vault structure. Means: restoring files from trash bin will not help you. You should consider your own history within your vault, if you are in the need to have one.

No limit.

There are User in this board who say that they are running vaults with several TB.

Be aware that this is not possible with the desktop app, as the app does not connect directly. If pcloud does provide a connection like WebDAV, you can connect this WebDAV to your file explorer and then create a vault in it. Please notice that some users in this board reported a terrible slow and unreliable connection to pcloud. I recommend using their client.