How can I empty the trash?

I tried to empty the trash, but everything I deleted appeared with a 2 behind it again. Then I tried to delete .Trash, but that was only done with errors, now my cloud is updating in somehow in an infinite loop.
What can I do ?

Pleas help !

New situation.
I am now in.
.Trash-1000 all files 10 times.
I would like to delete these files now.
Is it possible to rename the folder without a dot in Trash-1000, delete it and then create an empty folder .Trash-1000 as?
Or is there a systemerror?

I assume you use ubuntu and the latest cryptomator version (1.4.9).

If you want to delete files really and not just move them into the trash bin, select the trash directory and hit SHIFT + DEL. This is the standard command under ubuntu.

Many thanks for the help !
Yes, I use Lubuntu.
PCManFM 1.2.5.
Cryptomator version (1.4.8)
Still need to update.
With the shift key and the delete key the files are deleted correctly and not duplicated as with the delete key.
I’m glad, I thought I have to rebuild the cloud.
Because that would have overflowed.
At over 13GB is no fun anymore.

Thanks, thank you, thank you!