Help i cant find files

vault.cryptomator shows under downloads but this is a reinstall that we did on 2/12. Yes the vault password. I entered this password and a drive then appeared under this pc that I could use to access the vault. I wish I were sure Michael. I am fairly certain they were in Google Drive.

Then you have manually downloaded only this file and you have not synced your complete vault.
You need your complete vault files (the encrypted files) local available. Please check the settings in the google app.

I cannot understand this.
Open your browser, log into your google account and search for your encrypted vault files which are in a folder that is named like your vault. If you find them, your vault is stored in google drive. If not, then it isn’t.

Once again:
Make your encrypted vault files local available (by syncing them from your online storage), select „add vault (existing) in Cryptomator app, select the file „vault.Cryptomator“, enter your vault Passwort, and then open your vault to see the virtual drive. That’s all.
(See also documentation).