Generic "drive is unavailable" error from windows explorer when revealing vault

I’m a new user, just downloaded cryptomator on 2 windows machines (one is win 10, other one is an old win 8 desktop). Normal full installation, and ran it as admin. Both get the same error using both Dokany and WebDAV (or at least that’s what’s selected in the options menu). Google finds some people with similar issues but no answers.

I’m at a complete loss how this thing can completely fail to work exactly the same way on a fresh installation on 2 completely independent machines. Is this a known issue with a solution or do I just search for an alternative program?

Mhm. That this happens with both dokany and WebDAV sounds not good.
Using dokany, have you tried this?

Any WARN or ERROR messages in the log file?

Thanks for the reply, your link solved the issue! Honestly would’ve had no idea where to start looking, screw windows and their messy permissions and useless error messages