File not being decrypted

in my vault, there’s a file, about 1.3GB in length. It’s synced by Google Drive, has already been downloaded. The encrypted path & filename is rather long - 253 characters for the whole path, 181 for the file name. Should be okay, I think (<220).

However, the file is not seen inside the drive and inside the debug log. It simply seems to be non-existent.

The old sanitizer shows the file inside the directory “listing” - but doesn’t work otherwise (of course).

What can I do to access the file? Anything else you need to know?


(Cryptomator 1.5.5, Windows 10 2004 - Dokany driver)

If you browse to the file in the vault while the DEBUG mode is active, does the log file contain any WARNings or ERRORs ?

No - unfortunately. I cannot see any sign, that the file exists at all.

I now had access to the origin of the file.

It turned out that the file had been uploaded to Google with the correct name, but was downloaded with a somewhat shortened filename (from 197 characters to 177 characters).

I could not rename the file to the correct name with explorer, but had to use a 3rd party file manager. Then the file suddenly appeared inside the vault.

It looks like “backup and sync” would be the culprit, but Cryptomator should probably output at least a warning.

The whole path in both origin and copy system is larger than 277 characters, the filename alone is 197. Should there be a warning as well?

BTW, the unencrypted filename is 128 chars long - becoming 197 is rather much…

See here: [1.5.0+] File name too long

In short: Only if file name length limit is defined over the actual storage path in your OS Cryptomator can detect it. Otherwise it is not possible and Cryptomator assumes the maximum of 220 chars works.

This comes from encrypting the actual filename and encoding the (binary) encrypted one to be useable as a filename again.