File name length with new vault version 7

I just updated a vault of mine to the new vault version 7. Afterwards there seem to be some file names longer than before. Without having added files to my fault or renamed files in it, my cloud service, which I used to sync files with, states that there are files that have too long file names.

As I checked Indeed there are files with very long names.

Is there a solution to that?

I checked again. Actually it’s just one file that causes the issue. That file’s name has more than 220 characters.


which version of Cryptomator did you use to migrate your vault?


I used v1-5-4 (exe-166).

Which name is more than 220 char - the name of the original file or the encrypted filename?

The quick solution is to rename the original file and choose a shorter filename.

There is some discussions going on here on that topic:



thanks for your reply! The encrypted filename is more than 220 char.

The following thread treats exactly my problem: