[Feature request] New vault format migration German text problem

I ran into a problem while migrating to the new format after updating to 1.5.0 due to the text warning before converting. Notice the app language for this problem is German.

while converting to a new vault format, the warning before is misleading:
“synchronized completely”<>“all files are available locally”
“vollständig synchronisiert”<>“vollständig lokal vorhanden”
Please change to a clear formulation without unintended interpretations.

long version:
The warning box before the conversion starts states:
“Dein Tresor [vault name] muss auf ein neueres Format aktualisiert werden. Stell bitte zuvor sicher, dass dieser Tresor vollständig synchronisiert ist.”

So what is the problem: The term “vollständig synchronisiert” translates roughly to “synchronized completely”. In my case, the folder is placed inside the OneDrive sync folder. OneDrives allowes files to appear in many Windows applications, though they are not downloaded from the cloud. Some applications cannot handle these files and give error messages like “file not found”, and the files are not downloaded automatically.
imho the term “synchronized completely”/“vollständig synchronisiert” refers to the sync engine of OneDrive, which is “complete” if no sync actions are running, which is different to the intention of the warning box “all files are available locally”/“vollständig lokal vorhanden”.
So I “lost” files not locally available (the rename process ignored them) and they were not accessible anymore, even after downloading the files locally. A revert in OneDrive to the previous state before the conversion, make all files available locally and converting after that fixed the problem.

I suggest to change the text to a more specific term which includes the information, that all files must be locally available.

Addendum: Several problems may occour, if all files need to be downloaded locally, e.g. if the vault size exceeds the free space on the local drive.

I’m not saying that there isn’t room for improvement for the localization.

Still, it is incorrect to say that files have to be “local” or available offline. It is required, though, that there are no pending changes and the full directory tree can be read and modified from a process traversing it.

If there were indeed files not listed in the ciphertext directory, I wouldn’t consider this fully synchronized. I can only hypothesize why this wasn’t the case and frankly it doesn’t matter.

Migration is known to work with file contents offloaded using OneDrive’s “Files on Demand” as long as directory structure is complete: