Failed to load JVM

My final guess is that the Java Access Bridge was once enabled and never disabled. When I enable it on my system, Cryptomator refuses to launch with the “correct” error message. Additionally, the created JVM logs are very similar.

To disable Java Access Bridge, run the following command (where %JDK_HOME% is the directory of your JDK):

%JDK_HOME%\bin\jabswitch -disable

Fingers crossed, that this works :sweat:

Progress! I disabled the Java access bridge and no longer get the JVM error.

The app opens up and I can successfully open an existing vault. However, when the drive doesn’t mount and I get the “location is not available” dialog box msg (see attached).

Getting closer…

Phew :smile: Glad that it worked.

Do you mean with “open an existing vault” adding the vault to Cryptomator? Regarding the mount problem: If you are using Dokany ( look in the virtual volume tab in the general settings), this message is shown when you try to access the vault with admin priviliges. For more info, look at the topic Cryptomator on Windows: Accessing your vault with admin priviliges.

An alternative to Dokany is WebDAV. It works quite stable, but has some Windows specific drawbacks (due to its really bad implemenation) like that the file size is limited to 4GB, it is slow, filepath limit of 260 characters…

It’s odd because I am accessing the vault under my own user account and not running it under admin. I revoked admin permissions at the \program files\cryptomator root level and still get the mounting error. I removed the string --options CURRENT_SESSION as per the article and all is good. I’ll stick with that approach to get my other vaults up and running. Thanks for your help!