Error insufficient resources


I have a problem moving files to the vault. Some are quite large files, even 40-90gb. In the move at some point cryptomator seems to have problems. Sometimes it stops sometimes give resource error

I have read about verse threads and applied some tips I found (like --options CURRENT_SESSION --thread-count 5 --timeout 10000 --allocation-unit-size 4096 --sector-size 4096). But still copying files with or without robocopy I get error 1450, Insufficient System Resources.

I’m using release 1.5.6 (exe-166) for windows with dokany. And 'im working offline.

Can anyone give me some advice?

Best regards

Same problem for me, with a <8GB zip file I cannot upload due to insufficient resources.
I’m with 1.5.14 (after moving back from 1.5.16 due to Unable to create new Cryptomator vault on a network share mounted in Windows

On this I can add that, except for the first time, I’m not able to open the vault mapped virtual drive for the same reason. If I unlock and show it, it works. As soon as I close the windows (letting the vault open), I’m no more able to open the virtual drive due to “insufficient resources” (on a PC with 32GB RAM!).