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Just upgraded from Cryptomator to Cryptomator 2. After adding a new Google Drive account, I attempted adding an existing vault, one which I can access just fine with the old app. This is what I get when selecting the account:

And it stays there.

I don’t understand what it is that the error message is telling me.

is your vault in a specific folder?

  • some cloud storage
    • vault folder
      • folder d
      • masterkey.cryptomator
      • etc…

Yes, I have two vaults at the root of My Drive in the structure that you described.

And both have vault structure 8 (you have created them with desktop version 1.6.x or at least opened once with that version, which will trigger a merge process if the vault has an old format)?

Will be fixed in the next update: Browsing directory in Google Drive fails with itemNotFound error · Issue #194 · cryptomator/ios · GitHub

But actually, it would be great, if you could test it via TestFlight if it actually solves your issue: Join the Cryptomator 2 beta - TestFlight - Apple

Tried the beta via TestFlight and it indeed fixed the issue. Thanks.

My donation for unlocking the app after upgrading from v1 was reset, though, and Restore Purchase returns “We were unable to find a previously purchased full version that could be restored”. I guess I can unlock anyway with the Free Upgrade option, but just so you know.

TestFlight behaves differently and has its “own” in-app purchases. Even if you would “buy” anything via TestFlight, no charges will apply since it’s just all running in a sandbox for testing purposes.

If you switch back to the App Store version, your “real” purchases will then be used again.

Hi @tobihagemann
This seems to be back with Version 2.2.5 (949) and onedrive.
I had to change my onedrive credentials due to a mail address change.
So I deleted the onedrive connection, and set it up again.
Login etc works like a charm., but when the authentication process is finished, the above error message appears. Same when I try to add/create vaults and select the onedrive connection.
I am not getting to the point where i actually can select a vault.
I’ll send you a log file.
I tested with testflight version: same result.
I deleted the app and did a new install. googledrive, webdav works fine, onedrive still the same behavior (didnt test other connections). so actually I have no idea how to access my onedrive vaults with the iOS app :slight_smile:

Edit2: just tried the same thing on the iPad. No issues at all, everything works. I have no idea what could be the difference to the iPhone.
Edit3: deleted the connection on iPhone again, and added it again. (Which is exactly what I did before today a couple of days). Now everything works there as well. Still no clue what’s going on, but we’ll… as Long as it works now :grinning:

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Thanks for the reply. I got it fixed. I recently reset my iphone and when I logged on to OneDrive I used the wrong credentials ( iPhone suggested) Now with the correct account all is working again. Thanks agin for your time.

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