Drive not mounted for UAC Admin

The Dokany drive is not mounted for privileged processes with the same user account.

The biggest problem is, that this way it is not possible to copy files into folders where admin permissions are needed.

E.g. copying files from the Dokany drive to C:\Program Files\ … fails is UAC is enabled.
The UAC prompt will ask to allow the copy process. After allowing it, it will fail with the message that the drive (e.g. D:) is unavailable.

Running explorer.exe with elevated permissions will also show that the Dokany drive is not available.

@infeo Might be related to the mount flags used for cryptomator/dokany-nio-adapter#9?

yes,kinda related. The current state is that the dokany volume is mounted only for the current user session. I don’t know how elevating user rights work, but i guess the elevated process is handled as another user and thus the drive will disappear. The fix would be pretty easy, we have to remove the mount option CURRENT_SESSION. But that would also impose a security risk, thus this should be optional.

This can be done in issue cryptomator/cryptomator#802 .

I wrote a longer article with some more info about the issue and implications in the thread Cryptomator on Windows: Accessing your vault with admin priviliges