Drive is empty and cannot be accessed


i m using Cryptomator since a few days. After the first installation everything works fine. But, after a while I couldn`t access the mounted windows drive. I get the following error message:

I can lock and unlock the vault without any error message. But as soon i try to access the mounted drive i get the shown error.

If I do a uninstallation of Cryptomator and install it again it works one time. As soon I restart or the vault is looked I m not longer able to access the mounted drive.
Version: 1.5.10(exe-187)
Dokan Libary

Take a look at this Issue:

It depends on Admin-Rights of your Windows user.

The current version 1.5.11 works with “–options REMOVABLE_DRIVE”. With this option I can access the drive with a process that uses the admin user and with other processes.