Desktop 1.4.0 windows dont work with "rclone mount" + onedrive

i use win7 64b.

i setup to use rclone mount (use winfsp) to mount a onedrive into windows as say T:

cryptomator 1.4.0 can create but cannot open the vault in T:

however cryptomator can do that when the vault is in C:

ctmt ask me to read the log,
the log say the vault cant be mounted due to technical reason.

I googled and read that seems in the past,
ctmt dunt work well with win10+onedrive + file-on-demand.

It’s in 2017.

Now we are close to 2019.

The development pace is really slow.

Everyone should have already found his/her own way to deal with cloud data encryption in this time frame, and dunt need any “new” way.

btw, the webdav way also dunt work for the rclone mounted onedrive.

i think i am the same as this guy:

my log also have this:
JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR o.c.ui.controllers.UnlockController - Unlock failed for technical reasons.