Cryptomator with WizTree


I have two Cryptomator volumes, one on my computer’s internal SSD and another on an external USB hard drive.

I use WizTree to evaluate volumes and folders, and it’s especially fast with NTFS volumes. I know the filesystem of Cryptomator/Dokany volumes appears as “CryptomatorFS”, and therefore theoretically would not be accessed by the software.

But, WizTree can perfectly assess the Cryptomator volume mounted from my internal hard drive, but not the volume mounted from the external hard drive. The external hard drive’s Cryptomator volume doesn’t even appear in the WizTree list to select.

Why this difference?

Cryptomator doesn’t know whether a vault is on an external or internal drive. There must be some other reason why one volume behaves differently to the other.

Under vault options, do both vaults have the same mount options?

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Bingo. The internal volume was mounted with --options MOUNT_MANAGER flag that I set some time ago and had forgotten about that.

On the subject: are the available flags listed somewhere? I didn’t find them in the docs Vault Mounting — Cryptomator 1.5.0 documentation