Cryptomator + FolderSync on Linux

I want to sync my files encrypted to the cloud.
My current setup:
I have an Odroid with DietPi (Debian) on it which provides an SMB share.
I sync the files on my smartphone with an folder on this share by using FolderSync which works like a charm.

Now I want to encrypt these files before I push them to my cloud, but at first I would like to check if my idea is practicable.
I would like to sync my files to the mounted vault on the Odroid. On Windows it is possible to add some files to the mounted vault and they get encrypted automatically. Is this even possible on Linux?

I wanted to test it but I wasn’t even capable to install Cryptomator on my Odroid. In the downloadsection there are no options for ARM, only x86/64. In the usermanual there is mentioned the option to use the JAR file which should run on every platform. But I can’t find any JAR file to download. Isn’t it available anymore?

Thanks in advance!

No it isn’t. We decided to ditch it when we switched to OpenJDK 11, because it would have gotten absurdly big due to several platform-dependent dependencies being included.

There is however a feature request to re-introduce it and we might do so if the demand is there:

That said, to my knowledge OpenJFX is not (yet?) available for ARM, so the .jar release would probably not solve your problem.

Hi there,

I also want to use some Pi (BananaPi or RaspberryPi) to sync stuff from my private server to the cloud (MagentaCloud in my case) and would love to use Cryptomator for that.

I also found some JavaFX 11 for ARM:

There is a line with “JavaFX armv6hf SDK” which seems to fit for the armbian (Ubunto 18.04) I have currently running.

If that really is the OpenJFX needed to run the .jar release I would back s0nny’s request for such a release :slight_smile:


Hi again,

while I am still interested in whether Cryptomator would directly work on ARM with above mentioned OpenJFX I meanwhile found the solution to my problem :partying_face:

The simple answer is: just use the Cryptomator CLI …

While it is labelled “early stage and not ready for production use” a few first tests worked just fine on my armbian machine.

One thing I would like to know nevertheless: currently version 1.5.0 is underway and I found some remarks about incompatibilities with previous versions (new vault format), so what about the CLI version when 1.5 becomes released?

Will it still be compatible? (I doubt that)
Will there be an adapted CLI version available the same time? (that would be really great! :smiley:)
Or will I have to stick to the old version when I want to use some ARM based machine for that purpose?

Any information about that will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Kind regards


Not right away, we will have to update the CLI version, for which there isn’t currently any schedule. But we aim to do it eventually.

That sounds good and bad at the same time :wink:

Can you tell me when 1.5.0 release can be expected?
And if this happens in the near future: how much effort would it mean to get an updated CLI version?

Background of my questions: I just ordered a new NAS which shall - together with a PI - keep all of our private data, which shall be also synced into the cloud. The NAS is x86_64 based and has java support, so basically both devices should be able of doing the job via Cryptomator, at least if there is a CLI :wink:

However, if the new version is due, there would be no point in setting up everything with the 1.4.xx version due to changing vault format.

I only vaguely know Java, but programmed for a very long time now in C, so maybe I could be of some help in that area if I got a few hints about where to look at :smile:

Q1 2020

It should only be a question of updating a dependency… However it requires some testing and probably we should also update the distribution and CI builds.

Yeah, that really sounds great! :smiley:

So I will be patiently waiting for news :wink:

Tell my when some help is needed in testing.