Can't run most programs stored in the vault (PortableApps)


I copied my folder to the vault which is located on OneDrive. Unfortunately many apps won’t run. E.g. when I double-click on G:\PortableApps\FileZillaPortable\FileZillaPortable.exe I get the following error:

A file missing for proper portablization is missing. File (G:\PortableApps\FileZillaPortable\App\FileZilla\fzdefaults.xml) is not present. Please reinstall the app before running.

The file fzdefaults.xml is there and can also be read. I noticed all files and folders in the vault don’t have the security tab when right-clicking and going to properties. Maybe this is related?

When I try to run it as Administrator, I get:

The specified path does not exist.

Same issue with Dokany or WebDav.

It kinda looks like an executable has problems to access additional files, although they exist, can be opened/accessed on their own and are addressed with relative paths (that’s how the architecture of PortableApps is built).

In the logs I found some odd messages, but since I’m not familiar with Cryptomator I don’t now if they matter. Where can I send the log confidentially?

System: Windows 10
Version: 1.4.15

Thanks for letting us know!

This is a known bug, see Currently only applications without admin rights can run from a vault. A workaround may be to remove the CURRENT_SESSION flag in the advanced vault options, but be aware of its consequences!


Thanks for this helpful answer!

Will there be a solution to this in the near future? From the Github issue it doesn’t look like this has been addressed?

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(Sorry, I don’t know the community policy, whether I should have created a new topic or revived this one.)

Every now and then I return to this subject and try to run my portable applications from within a vault. And these applications are very simple (they don’t require admin rights): Chrome Portable and Thunderbird Portable

I tried now again and once again I couldn’t run them.

When I click on Chrome I see data traffic in the Cryptomator interface “statistics”, but the browser doesn’t open.

When I click on Thunderbird it starts, shows the splash screen and quit.

No error messages appear in logs.

I regularly and smoothly use other cryptomator vaults for my files, but the only reason I still keep a Veracrypt volume is to run these software.

Any ideas?

No tips? :slightly_frowning_face:

I would really like to use Cryptomator with PortableApps and retire Veracrypt…